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Been going to cinemas, parks, shopping malls and cafes too often for dates and want a change? Dating in Singapore can be quite boring after a while since Singapore is a relatively small country, hence the places couples can go is pretty limited. But that doesn’t mean that you will only get to enjoy fun activities as a couple only in other countries! There’s still plenty of creative and romantic date ideas that I’m sure will alleviate your date experience and make it a remarkable one! It is guaranteed that you might not even hear of some before, unconventional but definitely worth a try to impress your bae! Here’s the list of creative and romantic ideas in Singapore!

Cow Play Cow Moo

Spending your time at an arcade might not sound unfamiliar to you as it is the childhood memories of many of us during our schooling days where pocket money is used to fund games and compete with our friends. The arcade trend has come back, finally, this time bigger and better after several revamping. Other than retro games from your childhood, arcades now offer more exciting games that appeal to all ages. Cow Play Cow Moo is recognised as Singapore’s largest arcade, other than occupying 2 store fronts in Suntec City, it offers the largest collection in terms of claw machines. For claw machine addicts, you would be glad to hear that there are actually a whopping 100 over claw machines to choose from. For claw machines beginners, fret not, certain machines in Cow Play Cow Moo are “winners guaranteed” meaning that if you didn’t receive a toy out of your X amount of tries, you would still be entitled to a toy of your choice. Challenge yourself to the biggest claw machine in Singapore just outside the arcade where you get a chance to bring home human sized unicorns! Prizes there are also worth the games, soft toys are absolutely confirmed authentic from Japan ranging from Pokemon characters to favourable Disney ones.

Price: From $1 per play

Opening hours: 10am -1am daily

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 3 & 4 #03-372, 038988

Fat Cat Arcade

Another arcade on this list is the Fat Cat Arcade in Singapore, extremely popular among young Singaporean. This arcade houses up to 100+amusement machines such as the claw machines, coin drop and classic arcade games. In this arcade, you can unleash your luck and skills to your loved ones. Not only that, there are also many games that allow multiplayers where couples can participate and win prizes together. Like any other traditional arcade, remember to collect your tickets after each game. Collect as many as you can to exchange for fancier prizes! Fat Cat Arcade introduces prizes on a frequent basis, so you can always look forwards and find the perfect one for your date. It is extremely easy to score points and get rewarded with a fancy prize. Thus, you wouldn’t end up empty handed after spending a few hundred bucks. Fat Cat Arcade has 2 outlets, both located in a shopping mall. You can conveniently head to the arcade and also enjoy other mall activities at the same time.

Opening hours: 
Sunday – Thursday: 11am -11pm 
Friday – Saturday: 11am -1am 

Address: 313 Orchard Rd, #05 – 05, Singapore 238895

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Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

You might not have known Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle in Singapore. However, you would’ve heard that there is only 1 dragon kiln surviving in Singapore. Lucky, this dragon kiln is actually still in use until now, located just inside Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle. This pottery jungle is managed by the Tan family and has been operating since 1965. That makes it the oldest and surviving dragon kiln in Singapore! With the mission of raising awareness and connecting like minded individuals in pottery and wood firing, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle provides pottery workshops that cater to different age groups as well as for private events. Couples can spend your weekend there and have fun while unleashing your artistic potential to create wonderful and beautiful pottery pieces during the workshops hosted by professionals there. Get ready to put on some dirt and mess as you try to replica the art of fellow artisans. Impress your date with your amazing potteries and create a masterpiece that shares your memories together. This workshop would be a memorable and romantic date, especially for couples. 

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm daily

Address: 85 Lor Tawas, Singapore 639823

Phone: 6268 6121

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The Projector

If you’re getting bored of catching movies in your usual modern cinema, you should try movies here at The Projector. One of its kind and never heard before, it kicks off the usual mainstream big theatre and franchise movies. Instead, The Projector offers its independent indie films that are produced by many talented directors, production houses as well as locals. On weekends, you will get to enjoy live music while feasting on snacks and beer. Located at Golden Mile, this is the most instagrammable movie theatre you can find. Couples can take instagram pictures with interior designs in the likes of dizzying neon lights and dimly lit theatres. 

Opening hours: 
Weekday: 4pm – 11pm (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)
Weekend: 1pm – 11pm

Address: 6001 Beach Rd, #05-00, Singapore 199589

Phone: 9637 9201

Holey Moley Golf Club

Looking for a place to play mini golf and chill around with your date? Holey Moley is the most exciting place you should choose to bring your date. Decorated with interesting concepts, Holey Moley is also a bar that offers alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Proceed to the mini golf area, where you can play at preferential rates! Enjoy your time here with many other fun activities while sipping your drinks and listening to music to unwind your day with your date. 

Opening Hours: 
Mon – Wed: 12pm – 1am
Thu – Fri: 12pm – 2am
Sat: 10am – 2am 
Sun: 10am – 10pm

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024

Phone: 800 492 2410

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We are the Furballs (WTF) Dog Cafe

Whether you own a dog or not, if you’re a dog lover, you will love this place! This is one of Singapore’s dog cafes. You can spend your time here cuddling and interacting with different dogs if you don’t own any or simply want to spend your time with these fur animals. We are the Furballs (WTF) is the first dog cafe and houses different species of dogs, with 10 residential dogs ranging from pomeranian to corgi. The dog cafe is brightly lit so you can observe the dogs’ behaviours, there are also wooden shelves near the entrance for visitors to place their belongings as it is not recommended for you to bring your bags in. There are also tables and areas for you to put your beverages and snacks. I can’t emphasise enough on the good lighting there for a great picture. Make sure you don’t waste the opportunity to take a good picture as a couple! Fun activities here include feeding the dogs and buying light snacks to munch on while you patiently wait for the dogs to make their turns. Dog treats are purchasable on the site.

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 1pm – 10pm
Fri – Sat: 12.30pm – 10.30pm

Address:  #07-07, Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, 188067

Phone: 6509 1186

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Xcape Singapore

Like to act as a detective and participate in intellectually challenging mind games to solve riddles and mysteries? Well, an escape room is not only for a large group of friends. In Xcape Singapore, there is a variety of escape room games that are thrilling and incredibly interesting for couples to join too! The biggest escape room in Singapore with around 52 game chambers and 13 mind blowing video game and movie themes to select from such as Kungfu Panda X and Mission X. An affordable date as prices only starts from SGD22 per person. Do you know that Xcape Singapore was ranked No. 1 on Tripadvisor in the Fun & Game category and has been featured by multiple media including The Straits Times (Singapore newspaper).

Opening Hours: 11am – 11.30pm daily

Address: 161 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188436

Phone: 6908 1918

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Trapped Escape Room

Similar to Xcape Singapore, Trapped Escape Room, like its name, is also an escape room in Singapore. Unlike Xcape Singapore which boasts a wide variety in terms of games and themes. Trapped Escape Room focuses more on the thrilling and horror side of the game with themes such as the Purge, Mental Ward and Tekong Army Bunk. The Trapped Escape Room is also very particular regarding its timing and you will have exactly 60 mins to solve the puzzles. Booking fees for an escape room in this escape room are from $28.90 per person. More for intermediate players, some of the rooms are sophisticated and even have secret passageways and dank crawlspaces, where you’ll possibly encounter a zombie, ghost or a serial killer. An adventurous journey, ensure that you managed to solve all the riddles and protect your date at the same time!

Address: 2 Orchard Link, #02-20 SCAPE, Singapore 237978

Phone: 6610 2089

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Bounce Singapore

Enjoy the kids park during your younger days and want to relive your childhood memories with your date? Well, Bounce Singapore is a trampoline park where you can bounce around at different levels of difficulty and angles. Designed as a trampoline park for all ages, ranging from young to adult, couples will get themselves all worked up! If you’re a first timer here with your date, you can head to the free jumping arena to warm up your muscles then to the Slam Dunk where you practice your spiderman-like climbing and dodging skills, the Wall and Trampoline Dodgeball arena respectively. 

Opening Hours: 
Weekday: 10am – 7pm
Weekend: 10am – 9pm

Address: 8 Grange Rd, #09-01 Cineleisure, Singapore 239695

Phone: 6816 2879

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Axe Factor

Singapore is such a regulated country, with many laws to prevent low crime rates. Do you know that even the slightest damage to public property or causing a nuisance in your own house might lead you to be in trouble with the police force? Sometimes, you might want to vent out your suppressed emotions by creating some physical damage. Well, at least legally. Axe Factor is an axe throwing facility where you would be literally given an axe to throw! Aim your anger all on the axe and throw it on the bull’s eye! On a date, a couple will definitely benefit from the adrenaline rush, stress relief as well as many laughs and fun. This is a must-try activity for those couples looking for fun activities in Singapore! A fulfilling experience you won’t find elsewhere!

Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Closed on Monday)

Address: 200 Turf Club Rd, #01-32A The Grandstand, Singapore 287994

Phone: 8113 4367

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Hope this guide would give you creative and romantic date ideas in Singapore!

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