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The picture that is shown above is not from any paintings or a graphic design. In fact, what you see is in real life and it is located at none other than Singapore! Changi Airport in Singapore is consecutively voted the best in the world since 2013 for its beautiful plants and good passenger experience as an incredibly smooth transition country for layovers. Singapore Changi Airport has a total of 4 terminals. Namely: Changi Airport Terminal 1, Changi Airport Terminal 2, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Changi Airport Terminal 4, Changi Jewels and an ongoing Changi Airport Terminal 5 which is predicted to be completed around 2030s.

Arrivals at/ Departure at Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is the first place most people will visit when they arrive in Singapore. It is one of the world’s best airports with the largest indoor waterfall in Jewel, a shopping mall connected to the airport. The two best ways to travel to your destination is by MRT and taxi.

The easiest way to enter the city is by train. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) can be found at the basement floor of Changi Airport Terminal 2 and 3. You can board the MRT by purchasing an Ez-Link card ‘Changi Recommends’ store located in all three terminals. After boarding the train, alight at Tanah Merah station and board the train on the opposite side for the city. 

If you have many luggages and backpacks, taking the taxi to your destination is highly recommended. Follow the airport signages and you will easily find dozens of available taxis to bring you anywhere around the island. Taking a taxi is significantly costlier but faster as compared to taking the public transport. 

Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex on the landside of Changi Airport, Singapore, linked to three of its passenger terminals. Its centrepiece is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex, which is surrounded by a terraced forest setting. Jewel Changi Airport is a newly established infrastructure, opened only on 17 April 2019. It is one of the most expensive buildings and infrastructure in Singapore and cost a whopping 1.7 billion SGD to build. It is also the masterpiece of the famed and highly acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie.

Dining options 

Shake Shack

American fast food burger chain Shake Shack has decided to venture into Singapore. Shake Shack fans around the world call this burger THE BEST burger in the world. The outlet in Jewel Changi Airport is the flagship store in Singapore. A little history about Shake Shack, this burger joint was once a roadside burger stand located at Madison Square Park in New York. The burger joint is known for its natural and juicy Angus beef burgers made with only 100% all-natural, flat-top beef dogs that do not contain any hormones and antibiotics or genetically modified ingredients. They also offer other side dishes such as frozen custard, crinkle cut fries and craft beer etc.

Using the best, freshest and ultra quality ingredients for their products, Shake Shack has garnered many support from food lovers worldwide and has become a restaurant where people gather and hang out with friends. What’s more is that Shake Shack has specially curated and created a Singapore menu that they have developed to suit Singaporeans’ taste buds. The menu also features Shake Shack’s signature items that are on its counterpart menu including the ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog, classic crinkle-cut fries, and frozen custard ice-cream.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Location: 78 Airport Boulevard, #02-256, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 

Birds of Paradise

If you’re an ice cream lover, you would have heard of this local brand, Birds of Paradise. The artisanal local ice cream cafe collaborates with another local fashion label, In Good Company to start a takeaway shop at the fashion boutique storefront. This turned out to be a success. Even on normal days, the flagship store at the east is constantly crowded and now you don’t have to fret over the long queues as they have just decided to open another new store at Jewel Changi Airport. Make sure you take an instagramable pictures with those fun and colorful ice cream cones!

Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm daily

Location: 78 Airport Boulevard, #01-214/215/216, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 

Phone: 9757 9892 

Burger & Lobster

Yet another famous food chain in London that has decided to venture into Singapore. This London’s famous Burger & Lobster, which is well known to specialise in serving everything with lobster. Newly opened on 20 May 2019 in Jewel Changi Airport, this restaurant chain has been building a lot of hype and expectations among Singaporeans. This will be the restaurant’s 3rd store in Asia. So those who have tried and are fans of this restaurant would no longer need to travel to Genting or London just to satisfy their cravings!

Located just around Canopy Park, the restaurant has brought in their original menu and are also introducing dishes which are exclusively created for Singapore. Since the restaurant is also located near Canopy Park, you can also enjoy the scenery of the stunning park while you feast on their signature lobster dishes.

Opening Hours: 9am – 3am daily

Location: 78 Airport Boulevard, #05-203, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 

You can also go to Jewel at Changi Airport website to check out the list of restaurants available: Alternatively, you may also call the mall’s general line at 6956 9898 to enquire.

Shops at Changi

Pokemon Centre

Pokemon Centre

“Pika Pika”, Pikachu and all the Pokémon characters are finally coming to Singapore. Have you always pleaded and begged your friends to bring your favourite Pokémon merchandise when they’re heading to Japan? Well, there is no need for now. Pokemon Centre at Jewel Changi Airport is the first Pokemon Centre in Asia outside Japan, this is the chance where you can select and bring home your favourite Pokémon. The center offers a myriad forms of Pokémon such as plushies, stationery and video games etc. You can now even choose to purchase a Singapore themed Pikachu too! They will be dressed in pilot and cabin crew uniforms. If there’s any special Pokémon events or celebration, you may even get to meet Pokémon mascots and take a magical photo with a Pokémon hugging you! 

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Location: 78 Airport Boulevard, #04-201/202, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 

Lavender Bakery & Patisserie

If you’re a frequent shopper across the border in our neighbourhood country, Malaysia, you would’ve definitely heard of Lavender Bakery & Patisserie in Johor Bahru’s Cut Square. The bakery is popular to both the locals and Singaporeans alike. Made with the best and finest baking ingredients, the products are freshly made every morning in the kitchen. It was founded in 2000, currently has 12 outlets in JB and Kuala Lumpur. The outlet at Jewel Changi Airport is it’s flagship store in Singapore. Thus, good news to fellow Singaporeans and international tourists, you no longer need to travel just to get the bakery goods. Do make sure to come early as usually these popular products are hot and grabbed by customers quickly. Even though you can’t expect prices as affordable as Malaysia, the prices of these bakes are fairly affordable. 

The interior of the Jewel Changi Airport outlet is an open-concept and spacious, from the bakery you could even have a glimpse of the Rain Vortex waterfall. Not only that, you can also purchase gifts and food souvenirs. They’re beautifully packaged and ready made gifts that you can bring home to your loved ones. Here are the products and signature breads you should get from Lavender Bakery! You can try the Bamboo Charcoal Bread, Hanjuku Cheese, Panettone, Classic Cake Lapis and Uji Matcha Cake.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Location: 78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-253/254, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 

GIFT by Changi Airport

Didn’t manage to buy any souvenirs for your loved one back home while you’re here in Singapore? Or simply want to buy some of your local products for your overseas friends? Well, you can now do some last minute shopping at Jewel Changi Airport before you guys depart this country. At Gift by Changi Airport, you would be surprised at the large selection of souvenirs available such as food, keychains and clothes. This shop also offers local speciality and products designed by the country’s very own designers! Some of the items that should be on your list are Changi Scent, the familiar scent that is all over Changi Airport itself. You can also support fellow Singapore local artists from The Art Faculty.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Location: 78 Airport Boulevard, #04-233, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 

Changi Millionaire

Changi Millionaire
Image Source

You can also take part in Changi Airport’s lottery Changi Millionaire when you do your shopping at Jewel Changi Airport. To participate as a shopper, you will simply only need to shop or dine at Changi Airport and spend a minimum of S$50 in a single receipt. This lottery opportunity to become a millionaire is applicable to both travellers or airport patrons alike. For more information, you can check them out at!

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

You can also go to Jewel at Changi Airport website to check out the list of shops available: Alternatively, you may also call the mall’s general line at 6956 9898 to enquire.

Key attractions 

At enjoy your time at the key attracts around Changi Airport, the recommended attire to participate in these activities are:                               

    – Pants or shorts                                   
   – Comfortable covered shoes

Do note that luggage and wheeled bags are not allowed for safety reasons. Please leave your bags at the Baggage Storage. Here are some key attractions you should visit!

Shiseido Forest Valley

Enjoy the picturesque Shiseido Forest Valley that is decorated with more than 900 trees and palms as well as 60,000 shrubs in this indoor greenhouse. This forest valley is open 24 hours, exposed to natural sunlight and in the center is a beautiful man made waterfall. You can take the stairs up the valley to the Canopy Park which is located at Jewel’s uppermost floor. On each floor, your walking trail will guide you to different tropical plants and trees, some which are imported from the neighborhood Southeast Asia countries.

Allow yourself approximately half an hour for each trail, which would ensure your trip is conducted at a comfortable pace with enough time for photo-taking. There are several exit points and seats along the way. 

HSBC Rain Vortex

The HSBC Rain Vortex is probably the biggest and most majestic infrastructure you would see upon entering Jewel Changi Airport. It is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, measuring up till 40 metres high and the star of Jewel Changi Airport. The waterfall flows from the ceiling to the basement of the whole infrastructure. It is also transparent thus the sunlight is able to cast through the waterfall and produce a beautiful glow to the vortex. Besides, when night time arises, you would be able to mesmerise light shows and musicals on the waterfall. Beaming with different colours on the rainbow and chirpy music, it is like watching the water dance in front of you gracefully. The whole water show is free of charge, so simply find an unblocked view and enjoy the show. Do take note of the light show timings so that you won’t miss the amazing waterfall performance!

Light & Sound Showtimes:
7.30pm – 9.30pm daily, at hourly intervals

Canopy Park 

Canopy Park

The Canopy Park is home to many key attractions from the forest mazes to bouncing nets. It is also a garden full of different plant species if you just want a relaxing and quiet stroll. You can start your trail by taking a stroll along the artistic garden paths then glide down the giant slides or hide in bowls of gentle mist. This is a place you definitely can spend hours playing or chill and dine at one of the dining options available.

Canopy Bridge

Canopy Bridge is located at a high location, about 23 metres above ground. While you’re on the bride admiring your surrounding beautiful views, bear not to look down at your feet! For those who are afraid of height, the Canopy Bridge is a transparent, see through glass bridge that allows bridge goers to see the microscopic view below them. Those who enjoy a see through bridge will appreciate the experience of walking among the clouds.

Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing/ Walking

Experience walking on the Manulife Sky Nets as you try to balance on the extremely bouncy net. On your journey, you can choose your own pace, whether walking slowly and steadily on it or jumping up and down as if you’re weightless. Measuring about 250 metres long, it is extremely safe and secured for our kids to play freely alone. The peak of the Manulife Sky Net is about 8 metres above the Canopy Park, so you’ll certainly feel like the park is at your feet.

Admission to Canopy Park includes:
1. Discovery Slides
2. Foggy Bowls
3. Petal Garden
4. Topiary Walk

Separate admission charges apply to:
1. Canopy Bridge
2. Hedge Maze
3. Mirror Maze
4. Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing
5. Manulife Sky Nets – Walking

Standard Ticket Price
Adult/Child/Senior – SGD 5

Get your DISCOUNTED TICKETS from Klook at only SGD4.50!

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 10am – 10pm
Fri – Sun, Eve & PH: 10am – 11pm

Location: 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666

iShopChangi – Changi Airport duty free

Do you know that iShopChangi is actually the online version of the Duty Free Shop (DFS) at Changi Airport. For those of you who do not like to waste their time shopping at Changi, you can use iShopChangi to make payments and collect your purchase upon your departure/arrival. iShopChangi offers a wide selection of products in their catalogue from international brands to Sinagporean ones. Here are some of the categories available:

  • Wines & Spirits
  • Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Travel Items
  • Health

Generally all the products offered in iShopChangi would be cheaper compared to the prices you find at retail outlets as GST is absorbed. With that, it means that all your products are 7% cheaper! Some of the products like SK II would even give more discounts then the mere 7%! 

You can even purchase bulky stuff like electronics on iShopChangi, so if you don’t want to bring all your goods with you everywhere, you can try to spend enough to score for a free delivery with a minimum spend.

Changi Airport Duty Free

If shopping at an online platform iShopChangi is not enough to satisfy your shopping experience and you’re someone who prefers to indulge in physical stores and experience. No worries, it is worth noting that there are plenty of physical stores for you to visit in Changi Airport. Most of Singapore’s most popular delicatessen brands like the local favourite Bengawan Solo have outlets at Changi Airport, making the airport a convenient one-stop location to pick up some of the best food souvenirs. Food souvenirs you should get are Bengawan Solo’s Pandan chiffon cake or kueh lapis, Ya Kun Kaya Toast Family Cafe’s Kaya Bee Cheng Hiang or Lim Chee Guan’s Bak kwa and TWG tea.

If you’re a whisky lover, The Whisky House has to be your favourite store in Changi Airport. They allow customers to try up to 100 whiskies for free! This store has outlets both in Changi Airport Terminal 2 and Changi Airport Terminal 4. If you’re in Changi Airport Terminal 2, fret not, another place you can enjoy a quick sip is the Long Bar by Raffles for Singapore’s own cocktail, the Singapore Sling. All for free! The Wine Reserve in Changi Airport Terminal 2, another alcohol store also provides over 350 different wines from the best in the world.


YOTELAIR is a hotel in Singapore located inside Changi Airport. It is a convenient lodge for international travellers that are transiting via Changi Airport or for tired shoppers that want to take a short nap in between their shopping spree. The unique selling point of this hotel is that it allows very flexible check-in and check-out times. It also lets you book a room for just 4 hours at an affordable price at SGD80.

YotelAir provides two types of rooms – the Premium Queen Cabin and Family room. The hotel room’s interior is inspired by the design of a luxurious first class aircraft design, rooms are made to look like ‘cabins’ which are super functional, comfortable, smartly designed and has a very adaptable space to suit the needs of hotel guests. Not only designed for resting, as a hotel guest, you can also treat this area as a workstation due to its list of comprehensive amenities. Every cabin amenities include a flat screen TV, an en-suite bathroom with rain shower, a pull-out workstation and free super-fast WiFi. Hotel guests will also have access to a 24/7 multi-functional space known as Komyuniti, which includes a cafe, gym and working area. You can also get a good view of the Canopy Park and the HSBC Rain Vortex from the space as well.

Click here to book YOTELAIR Changi! 

Location: 78 Airport Blvd, #04 – 280, Singapore 819666

Phone: 6407 7888

Changi Rewards

Want to make sure that every penny you spend is worth the investment? Then you should really know about Changi Rewards! Changi Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards shoppers for their spending with exclusive privileges at Changi Airport. Through spending at Changi Airport, you would be able to convert your spendings into points that are spendable in the airport itself. If you’re aiming for greater returns, you can opt to accumulate your points in exchange for precious air miles! This meant that you’ll get to save more when purchasing an air ticket, after deducting the air miles. Don’t look down on these perks, some people have succeeded in earning a fully paid air ticket via air miles. There are many participating brands in this Changi Rewards membership, up till 400 brands, namely, Pandora and The Cocoa Trees.

Hope this guide will show you things to do in Changi Airport!

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