Creative and Romantic Date Ideas In Singapore

Singapore Romantic

Been going to cinemas, parks, shopping malls and cafes too often for dates and want a change? Dating in Singapore can be quite boring after a while since Singapore is a relatively small country, hence the places couples can go is pretty limited. But that doesn’t mean that you will only get to enjoy fun activities as a couple only in other countries! There’s still plenty of creative and romantic date ideas that I’m sure will alleviate your date experience and make it a remarkable one! It is guaranteed that you might not even hear of some before, unconventional but definitely worth a try to impress your bae! Here’s the list of creative and romantic ideas in Singapore!

10 Best Shopping Places In Singapore

Singapore Shopping

Don’t let the small landscape in Singapore fool you that there’s only a handful of shopping malls to satisfy your shopping spree. Do you know that Singapore is also a shopping hub and a country that carries as many internationally renowned brands you can find in their European counterparts. For instance, Louis Vuittton, Prada and Estee Lauder. If Paris is the king of luxuries in Europe, Singapore reigns over the market in Southeast Asia. Singaporeans here are also major shopaholics and can spend long hours on the street merely for window shopping.

15 things you should not bring/do in Singapore


Singapore is often known as the country with crazy strict laws, but the laws are what makes Singapore one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. There are many myths about the cultural practices of Singapore, some include locals rejecting gifts 3 times before accepting it and locals being 15 minutes late to appointments. Most of them are untrue, so in this post, we will be going through some local laws and cultural practices to avoid embarrassment or getting arrested.