Best Buffets In Singapore

Singapore Buffet

Want to eat all the good food and make sure that every bite you take is value for money? Hop on to buffets where you can feast unlimitedly at a fixed and affordable price no matter how much you consume! There are many types of buffets nowadays ranging from International buffets to the recently on trend Korean BBQ buffets. Don’t worry if the food items you eat are not up to standard as compared to ala carte items or the ones you find in restaurants. The buffets, especially those international buffets are skillfully prepared by world class chefs using premium ingredients some which are air frown from other countries.

Discover Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Jewel

The picture that is shown above is not from any paintings or a graphic design. In fact, what you see is in real life and it is located at none other than Singapore! Changi Airport in Singapore is consecutively voted the best in the world since 2013 for its beautiful plants and good passenger experience as an incredibly smooth transition country for layovers. Singapore Changi Airport has a total of 4 terminals. Namely: Changi Airport Terminal 1, Changi Airport Terminal 2, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Changi Airport Terminal 4, Changi Jewels and an ongoing Changi Airport Terminal 5 which is predicted to be completed around 2030s.

Best Cafes In Singapore

Cafe Cover

Singapore’s cafe scene is quite popular and there are more and more cafes opening in the country recently. Singapore cafes are also trending due to cafe hopping and being a perfect place for Singaporean to have a brunch or lunch. The food offerings in cafes has been increasing, ranging from western food in Singapore to solely pastries and cakes. Since there are so many nice cafes in Singapore, here is the list of cafes that have the best food in Singapore. Some might be cafes nearby your area!

10 Best Hawker Food In Singapore

Singapore Hawker

Hawker is a word that is close to every Singaporean’s heart. So, what is a hawker? Hawkers are actually food vendors stationed at “Hawker centres”, rows of food stalls at one place. Hawker is a cheaper alternative to restaurants as they are often located in non-air conditioner and heartlands. The food available ranges from full meals of different cuisines, local desserts to beverages. Rest assured! Hawker foods are safe to consume unlike street foods, they are legal, hygienic and regulated by the Singapore government. Let us now introduce you to a list of hawkers we think you should try! You’ll be surprised that some are Michelin starred.

10 Best Restaurants In Singapore

Singapore Buffet

Singapore has its own unique food culture due to its mixed races and heritage, which can be dated back to the pre-colonial period to the modern city we see today. In Singapore, we have a variety of cuisine from french, chinese, malay, indian to perankan. Some of the unique restaurants in Singapore offer local fusion dishes such as laksa and chili crabs. Here is the list of restaurants we think you should try here in Singapore!