Creative and Romantic Date Ideas In Singapore

Singapore Romantic

Been going to cinemas, parks, shopping malls and cafes too often for dates and want a change? Dating in Singapore can be quite boring after a while since Singapore is a relatively small country, hence the places couples can go is pretty limited. But that doesn’t mean that you will only get to enjoy fun activities as a couple only in other countries! There’s still plenty of creative and romantic date ideas that I’m sure will alleviate your date experience and make it a remarkable one! It is guaranteed that you might not even hear of some before, unconventional but definitely worth a try to impress your bae! Here’s the list of creative and romantic ideas in Singapore!

Discover Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Jewel

The picture that is shown above is not from any paintings or a graphic design. In fact, what you see is in real life and it is located at none other than Singapore! Changi Airport in Singapore is consecutively voted the best in the world since 2013 for its beautiful plants and good passenger experience as an incredibly smooth transition country for layovers. Singapore Changi Airport has a total of 4 terminals. Namely: Changi Airport Terminal 1, Changi Airport Terminal 2, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Changi Airport Terminal 4, Changi Jewels and an ongoing Changi Airport Terminal 5 which is predicted to be completed around 2030s.

Things to do in Sentosa

Sentosa Map

Sentosa is an island in Singapore, off the country’s southern coast. Sentosa island is connected to the country’s city by 4 types of transport: road, cable car, pedestrian boardwalk and monorail. By the monorail – Sentosa Station, you can visit the iconic Tiger Sky Towers and enjoy a bird eye’s view which goes as far as the Indonesia peninsula. On the south coast, the Palawan Beach is populated with food stalls, bars and has a suspension bridge to a small offshore island. Not only that, it has a sunny, relaxing and breezy Tanjong Beach for you to enjoy the serene environment there.