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Where is Singapore?

Singapore is often described as a tiny red dot on many world maps, due to its relatively small size. Singapore is actually located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Singapore is one of the most travelled countries in the world, Rank the 13th globally. It is a must-go destination whether you are on budget or going on a luxurious trip!

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What is it like visiting one of the country with the best street food? Visit Singapore, the food haven!

Garden by the bay

Top 8 Places to visit in singapore

The currency used is Singapore dollar‎ (S$) (‎SGD‎).  Singapore is also a credit-card friendly destination. MasterCard and …

Singapore hotel

Luxury 5* stars Hotels in Singapore

In Singapore, you will never have issues finding a place to stay. In this small lion city (nickname for Singapore) you can … 

Singapore Buffet

10 Places to eat in Singapore

Singapore has its own unique food culture due to its mixed races and heritage, which can be dated back to the pre-colonial …